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Professeur Institut d’Etude du Travail de Lyon – Universite Lyon 2Conception des systèmes de travail, Mutations-transitions du travail
Téléphone professionnel: 04 78 69 73 08

Photo de Pascal BEGUIN

Since the beginning of my career, my works are centered on design sciences with a specific focus on work systems design and Participatory Design. After being professor at CNAM (Paris) until 2006, and Research Director in the Department “Sciences for Action and Development” at the French Institute for Research in Agriculture (INRA-SAD) until 2012, I am currently full professor at the “Institute for Work Studies of Lyon”-University of Lyon 2 (IETL-LL2, https://ietl.univ-lyon2.fr/), and researcher at the Joint Research Unit “UMR 5600, Environment City Society” (https://umr5600.cnrs.fr) and the LaBex Intelligence of Urban Worlds (https://imu.universite-lyon.fr/).

My current reserarches focuses on innovative design methods for work transitions in the context of sustainable development (water management, energy efficiency, waste management, …). I have been the leader in 2011-2015 of a CAPES-COFECUB Project named “Innovation, work and sustainable development”. I am also Chair of a Scientific and Technical Committee at the International Ergonomics Association, named Activity Theory for Work Analysis and Design (https://www.iea.cc/about/technical.php?id=51c015167b6da). I have supervised more than 200 masters, and 12 completed PhD dissertations. Currently I supervise 7 PhD students.

Some of my recent papers in scientific journals are:

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  • [ACL] Béguin, P., Duarte F. (2017). Introduction to the special section on Work and Sustainable development. WORK: A Journal of Prevention, Assessment, and Rehabilitation vol 57/3, pp. 311-313, (DOI: 3233/WOR-172572)
  • [ACL] Mendes, RWB, Pueyo, V., Béguin , Duarte FJC (2017) Innovation, Systemic Appropriation and Prevention in the granite mining sector: the case of humidification WORK: A Journal of Prevention, Assessment, and Rehabilitation, 57(3): 351-361 (DOI: 10.3233/WOR-172566).
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  • [ACL] Boudra, L., Delecroix, B. Pueyo, V., Béguin, P. (2019). Prendre en compte le territoire dans la prévention des risques professionnels. Le cas du travail de tri des emballages ménagers. Le travail Humain, 2019/2 Vol. 82, pages 99-128 https://doi.org/10.3917/th.822.0099
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