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Jonathan VILLOT

Maitre assistant EMSE
Travail 158 Cours Fauriel Saint-Etienne 42023 Saint-Etienne Téléphone professionnel: 04 77 42 01 34 Site internet: Site web personnel Site internet: Publications

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I am a tenured associated professor in environmental and energy management science at Mines Saint-Etienne (GEO department). My research is focused on the evaluation processes of industrial and territorial systems and organisations. 

Territorial and industrial systems and organisations are addressed in two manners:

  • Developing models and tools for assessment of environmental impacts and pressures on natural resources, to help decision makers by providing relevant information for public decision making,
  • Proposing models and tools for decision support in terms of energy and environmental questions, helping urban policy makers to predict sustainable performances of innovative solutions.

Since 2014, I am the scientific manager of the Advanced Master in Energy Efficiency in Buildings Renovation (EERB) at Mines Saint-Etienne.

Key words
  • Environmental assessment
  • Energy efficiency
  • Decision support
  • Policy makers
  • Territorial & industrial systems