Working Group 3 – The making of the city

Processes, uses and representations

Urbanisation et anthropoconstruction

Coordination : Manuel APPERT (Lyon 2), Jorge SANTIAGO (Lyon 2), Sophie VAREILLES (INSA de Lyon)

List of members

Urbanisation is considered as a set of technical, social, economic, political, and anthropological dynamics, which together contribute to the construction of urban spaces and environments. Urbanisation therefore means making (activities linked to civil engineering, architecture, urban planning and urbanism etc.), regulating (plans, standards, regulations, laws etc.), and practicing (usages, representations etc.) the city. Our research builds upon pluridisciplinary analyses of artefacts and technical devices, technological and organizational systems: networks, standards, models, urban scheduling, financial packages and arrangements. Our research is organized through eight major approaches:

  • Exploring and thinking the urban verticality: vertical architecture, representations and practices of the vertical city
  • Past and present urban morphologies articulated with social morphologies
  • Innovation in artefacts and arrangements and their everyday uses in the city
  • Constructing and practicing the city: perceptions and sociabilities
  • Control and power in the making and practice of the city
  • Cities, global change, and social inequalities
  • The diversity of city making and practices
  • Urban techniques, technological and spatial systems, and prospective analysis