Working Group 1 : Well-being in cities

Nature, health and inequalities

Coordination : Lise BOURDEAU-LEPAGE (Lyon 3)

List of members

The working group addresses the issue of well-being in cities, nature, health, and inequalities. It has three main objectives:

  1. to determine what well-being consists of for urban dwellers, and to understand the major socio-spatial inequalities that are related to it in cities. A special focus will be given to marginalized and vulnerable social groups (homeless, undocumented aliens)
  2. to understand the sources of well-being inequalities inside and between cities, in the light of social and environmental features of cities and of urban dynamics.
  3. to understand the role of natural (both vegetal and animal) elements in the well-being of urban dwellers and, above all, to understand the contribution of real, perceived, and symbolic relationships between Nature and Health in the construction of well-being for urban dwellers.